Renovation Architect KING

It can be the ideal solution if you want to live in same house and neighbourhood. King Architecten is an innovative enterprising architectural- design office and has many years experience with renovation en consultancy in the Amsterdam area. As architect with technical expertise I stand for the renewal and spatial improvement with the emphasis on realization. With my renovating expertise with a sustainable accent I can lead you through the whole building process.

  • Kelder met uitbouw
  • nieuwbouw woning
  • verbouw dijkwoning
  • aanbouw met puntdak
  • kelder met uitbouw
  • dakopbouwen en dakterrassen
  • aanbouw met souterrain
  • bedrijfsark, sloterplas
  • transformatie kantoor naar 11 appartement
  • aanbouw
  • kelder met uitbouw
  • herbestemmen van rijksmonumenten
  • meubels
  • funderingsherstel verbouw en uitbouw
  • kelder met veranda
  • souterrain
  • renovaties
  • proces
  • bouwbegeleiding

As self employed with hardly any overheads I can keep my costs to a low level.

And lots more! King Architecten can lead you through the whole building process. Next to the design I offer a total solution to make your complex renovation a success from building permits, subsidies, drawings, comparing tenders to building management –the renovation start page.

Interested? An free consultation with the renovation architect is always possible (even in the evenings at the building project) Phone: 0655967532