Apartment Layout with Architect KING

By renovating an existing building to a functional market conform apartment can yield financial incentives. If you have a layout idea you can also send your sketch from which a professional drawing conform building regulations can be produced. An efficient layout requires the maximum use of the usable space. Transformation can be done with All sorts of buildings can be transformed - old houses, empty office blocks, old schools, disused farms, factories and warehouses make for functional and practical apartment layouts.

With experience in housing, apartments and luxury apartments King Architects can produce high quality and functional layouts for your building. King Architecten is an innovative design office with experience in building and project management. For more information and advice you can always contact me.

Each layout fulfills building regulations and I strive to incorporate these factors into the design

  • Three room layout.
  • Minimal corridor space.
  • Bedrooms and bathroom direct onto corridor.
  • Maximum use of daylight, also in the corridor.
  • No round walls or unpractical ideas.
  • Toilet stays near soil pipe so no expensive pump required.
  • Toilet stays near soil pipe so no expensive pump required.
  • Existing shafts stay in existing position wherever possible