Building permits with Architect KING

King Architects can furnish all the necessary building permit drawings for various situations. Permit drawings are different in scale and in the level of detail, and can be used not only for the permit but also for the builder(s) costs. A permit drawing with a technical description, in which the works are fully described, can also be used as a contractual document between you and the builder. Your renovation project is then transparent for all parties.

The building permit relates to your renovation plan and the building regulations, zoning plan, ‘good design’ commission and where necessary the monumental commission. Depending on the scale of your renovation a light or regular permit can be required. Sometimes a permit is not even necessary.

Be careful, in most situations permits are advertised as free, but this is just a marketing stunt as you are then dependent on one builder and the costs are added on later.

Which building permit do you need? Surf to

- choice of builder
- evaluation of estimates
- contractual advice
- project supervision and building inspection
- professional guidance and requests for subsidie.

For specific information and advice you can always contact me.