Process with Architect KING

To prepare in advance and provide an idea of the steps undertaken I’ve written my work method for you here:

1. Acquaintance meeting.

When you make contact there’s always the first acquaintance meeting with you and the project. This meeting takes place at a convenient time, also evenings, usually by you or at the renovation project:

- Your ideas and wishes are discussed.
- Critical analyses of the existing location
- Ideas together with the architect are generated
- Available archive drawings are analyzed for the appropriateness.
- Your planning is discussed.
- Which further steps are to be taken.
- A cost indication is given and within a few days a quote for the services is sent

To make sure that everything flows easily you can try to obtain the following information (if at all possible) before the meeting.
- Copies of the archive drawings of the building in question.
- Copy of the to date function zoning plan (bestemmingsplan) from the city council.

2. Quotation
A quotation based on the available information is made within the following day and sent to you by email.

3. Measurements
Sometimes the available information or drawings is insufficient; there are no archive drawings, or the building has changed so much that the dimensions are incorrect. In these cases measurements of the existing building have to be made.

After this I design and work out your project whereby your requirements and wishes are integrated. In close collaboration with you and with national regulations the design is worked out to a final design stage.

- Spatial variations with the possible building limitations are made for analysis.
- Your comments are worked into the design drawings.
- Once you are satisfied the design moves to the next fase.

5. Building permit
The drawings are further technically worked out for the permit. All the required documentation, rapports if necessary, are delivered to the council for the permit. If the architect is empowered to represent you, arising with the council can the architect quickly solve these questions for you.
- Your project is NOT sent to a technician or another office to be worked out.

6. Invoices
The invoicing usually is done in two fases. The first at the end of the design fase and the second with the building permit.

7. Building management
Indeed I can undertake the further fase. Dependant on your own knowledge and experience you can choose for building management suited to you. You can choose for specific areas, combinations or a complete building management service. From comparing tenders to the total management, from the bath to the whole villa. I can organize this service for you.

- Contact with prospective contractors.
- Advice over de choice of contractor.
- Agree planning with contractor.
- Manage the contractor and provide extra drawings if required.
- Aesthetical and building control.
- Possible design changes in accordance with unforeseen factors.
- Organize more and less work costs with the contractor.
- Regular building meetings with the contractor to prevent miscommunication.

8. Delivery
An important part of the project is the snagging, a list of all unfinished works, making sure that the finishes are to the agreed high quality standard. This list is then discussed with the contractor to finish all aspects.

I have also have experience with graded historic (monument) buildings, their differing styles, details and material. Here can I organize the necessary drawings, permits, BRIM subsidies and yearly maintenance planning.

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